Dr. Jithin C. George

This is my testimony of how Jesus helped me through troubled times and picked me up when I had no direction in life.

After school, I left India to pursue an MBBS degree. I spent more than three years there, but couldn’t concentrate on studies. I was failing my exams and finally stopped attending classes. I started smoking and drinking. Eventually, the University kicked me out. I went back home to Kochi and things weren’t better there. My dad was understandably furious. I avoided everyone at home and was confined to my room. I realized I had no one else to blame but myself. I didn’t have a degree or any idea about what to do with life. I had no one to open up to.

It was then my sister introduced me to Joe and Ancy – a warm, loving couple with infectious smiles. I met them often, and eventually started attending prayer meetings they had at home.

I wasn’t very open initially, but started liking their company. They introduced me to the concept of seeing Jesus as a friend whom I can talk to and taught me the importance of praying and knowing the Word of the God. I acknowledged it and kept aside some time to spend with the Lord every day. From the few books that Joe had given me, I read about all the wonderful things that the Lord had done in people’s lives, and believed that soon, He would help me too.

Few months later, Joe and Ancy invited me to attend a week long camp they were conducting. Though skeptical initially, I agreed. I looked forward to each day at camp, and surprisingly, never felt the urge to smoke, although smoking had become an addiction by then.

On the second day of camp, there was a call for those who wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior to come forward. Despite my strong desire to do so, I couldn’t move- as if I were chained to the place. During the lunch break, I talked to Joe about my ordeal. He prayed for me and told me it was alright to feel so. During the evening session, I was asked again to come forward. But like déjà vu, the feeling of being shackled up and unable to move persisted.

Frustrated and helpless, I looked at Joe standing in front. Understanding the situation, he signaled for me to come forward. At that instant, it felt like something was lifted off my feet and I could move again. I went forward. I submitted myself to Jesus, hoping for his help. I was ready for a sign that He had acknowledged me, having heard of things that happen when you’re filled with the Spirit, but didn’t feel anything. I was disappointed.I opened my eyes and prepared to go back, when I realized I couldn’t move again. Suddenly, waves of emotion and guilt washed over me. I started crying non-stop. I saw something bright and felt a weight being lifted off my chest. I felt as light as a feather and, overjoyed, started speaking in tongues. When I opened my eyes, I was on the floor. I don’t know when I fell or how long I was lying there. It didn’t matter anymore, nothing did. I was touched by the Lord and Jesus was with me.

The rest of the camp was an eye opener. I realized I had all these questions and this thirst to know more. After camp, I spent a lot of time in fellowship with Joe and Ancy who helped me reshape my spiritual life. I submitted my life entirely to the Lord and prayed that I would do whatever He wanted me to. Jesus gave me the promise that my life wasn’t over- that it was just beginning. I no longer felt empty, my life was filled with a sense of purpose.

By the Lord’s grace, I got admission in a medical college in Chennai that year. I took water baptism in November. I actively attended a fellowship group in college. It felt wonderful to experience firsthand the miracles the Lord had done for many of my friends there.

Though I faced difficulties at certain points, through prayer and the guiding hand of Jesus, I finished the course successfully. Today I’ve been working as a doctor for more than six years and haven’t smoked since that camp, thirteen years ago.

Whatever happens in life, there is always hope in the Lord. He can take our sins and our lives filled with chaos and shambles and turn it into a testimony. This is mine. My name is Jithin – once lost- but found and redeemed by Christ, our Saviour! Praise the Lord!