Tes Thomas

I was born as a twin kid with a loving twin brother to my loving and blessed parents. Life has been smooth throughout as I have been with my twin brother till I completed my matriculation. He was more of an extrovert, well networked among friends and I used to latch on to him for all my overall activities. I was more hardworking in nature when it comes to studies and he was always at ease but used to score at par. I was always happy about it and comfortable being with him, sharing with him and getting inspired by him.

My parents used to leave it our way and never tried to push me or compare between ourselves. My mental trauma erupted when my brother left us and stayed apart for pursuing +2 studies coupled with entrance coaching. I stayed at home since I wanted to be with my parents but his vacuum had put me in a different mental frame. But I managed 2 years only getting consoled that during once in 2 weeks he used to be around for a day or two. He got adapted easily but I was going through a missing pain which I never voiced out. We both passed +2 and he managed to get higher marks and a seat for engineering through entrance. My favourite subject was biology and hence wrote medical entrance but didn’t fair well. Now looking back, I realised that was the turning point in my life when my father took lot of interests in pooling huge money to get me an admission in medical college just to keep me happy and at par with my brother. I never denied it but was not confident whether I will be able to do justice to self and parents going out of my home, comforts and still didn’t voice out.

I got admitted in a college which was far away but had lot of relatives at that place but nothing could console me other than my parents, my home and brother. Studies started. Being in hostel for the first time, new friends, new environment and tough course curriculum I was thoroughly confused. I knew I was changing not able to cope up troubling my parents on a daily basis to give up while getting depressed equally understanding the fact that my parents had put in their entire investments on my studies. One year I struggled with myself, I had to take medicines for depression and everything aggravated with first time failures in initial set of internal exams.

Everything came to a standstill when I gave up totally and my father had to take that bold call of getting me back home sacrificing the entire money they had invested and my ambitious career. I shrunk to myself and even felt like killing myself to get saved from this trauma I was going through but could not when I realised how much my parents loved me. That is the first time when I saw them in tears because of my approach. I was not in a mood to pursue anything in life and that is when one of my close friends came into my life as an angel informing me about counselling done by Ancy Joe.

I still remember the first day I met Joe and Ancy when I was not at all convinced with what they told me. But the trust they showered on me with regard to counselling and God’s presence moved me. Then it was days of blessings. Consistent counselling and teaching sessions with them enriched, enlightened and gave me confidence. They helped me in exploring and hand holding me with guiding light of God’s grace. Even though I lost one year, I applied for graduation and was very particular that I will only avail a merit admission.

Now I am so happy and proud that I recovered, did that course for 3 years and came out with flying colours, and that too, God blessed me with a third rank at M.G. University level. Now I realise God has plans for everyone and He sets direction through His aids other than our own relatives & parents. Now I am confident enough in making it in life and my restoration is a testimony to a prayer-guided counselling approach. Now I finished my Master’s degree and got first rank in the university level. All God’s grace and your contributions to my life remembered!!!To conclude, I have seen God – rather blessed to see God – through gestures, voice, actions and care which I got from them. Thanks for all your support and care!!