We thank our Abba Father for calling us into His work of inspiring and equipping people of all ages, especially the young generation.

Individually and together, for the past many years, we have ministered to thousands of lives. We are privileged to see many precious lives being touched by the love of Jesus and transformed by the Holy Spirit.

God’s life-giving Word and Spirit coupled with our academic background help us to minister to the spiritual, psychological, and professional needs of people.

As co-directors of Glorious Living Ministries, we have witnessed many young lives being built up in character and leadership through hours of training, counselling, and mentoring.

We truly believe that every Christ-disciple is called to be a “salt and light” in one’s own sphere of influence – be it business, government, family, education, media, religion, or arts and entertainment.

As God continues to pour out His revival in greater measure all across the earth before Christ’s second coming, let us together help people, especially the young generation, be all that they can be, as God intends them to be.

Academic/Ministry Qualifications:

Joe Abraham: Master of Divinity (Southern Asia Bible College, Assemblies of God, Bangalore); Master of Arts in English Literature (Kerala University); John Maxwell Team – USA Certified Coach; Ordained Minister

Ancy Joe: Bachelor of Pharmacy (Bangalore University); Master of Science in Counselling Psychology (Martin Luther University); Prepare-Enrich India Accredited Facilitator

Professional Designation:

  • Joe Abraham: Motivational Speaker, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Mentor
  • Ancy Joe: Counselling Psychologist


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