Often, when facing challenges, many sense their confidence oozing out. They feel like God has left them alone. They start thinking about all the wrong things they have done (for which they have already repented!). They start complaining, “Why is God doing this to me?”

But the truth is that God is a good God. He is not the source of problems. He is a gracious God. He is willing to help anyone who asks Him for help. He is ready to shower His blessings upon our lives every day.

The place where God sits is called ‘the throne of grace’. That is what we read in Hebrew 4:16 “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” The word ‘grace’ is found many times in the Bible. God the Father sent His only begotten Son Jesus to this world to reveal His grace. Because of His grace, everyone can attain salvation for free. And just like salvation, all of God’s blessings are free for us!

Blessings are not determined by the amount of your work. Though you need to do acts of faith, nevertheless, if you start comparing your blessings with your works, you miss the whole point. It is in His great love that God blesses our lives with good things. He loves to cheer us up!

So, the next time you sense the confidence level going down, and is tempted to ask the question “Why is God doing this to me?”, boldly go to the throne of grace and simply ask God! Do not lose your confidence in the Lord when trouble comes.

God knows your strengths and weaknesses. He never wants His children to live a low life. Yet He cannot agree with self-righteousness and religious mindsets!

Enjoy God’s blessings by His grace. You will have a joyful and peaceful life on this earth. Do not listen to the lies of the devil. You are chosen by God to lead a guilt-free life!


I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” (Mark 10:15)

It pleases God when we come to Him in child-like faith. What is the beauty of such faith? It simply believes God! Children do not evaluate first and then believe. No! They believe without any evaluation.

Do you know why many folks aren’t able to believe God wholeheartedly? Because they are evaluating Him, His ways, His words, His miracles and His existence itself. God is not against studying Him through His Word. But He makes futile the attempts to evaluate Him with human standards and reasoning.

When God asked Abraham to leave his father’s house and his country and start a journey into an unknown place, Abraham didn’t evaluate God’s voice and intentions. He simply obeyed!

When Daniel was brought into a gentile country as a captive, He never questioned God’s love and care, but simply loved and obeyed God even in that non-Jewish territory.

When David was often persecuted by his envious father-in-law, he didn’t doubt what God did through the prophet Samuel by anointing him as King of Israel.

When religious sects came against Jesus to stop Him from accomplishing His redemptive work, He didn’t think even once whether His Father has made a wise decision to send Him on this mission!

All through the Scriptures, we see those who pleased God and did great things by trusting Him like a child. They faced small and big issues. But they never evaluated and questioned God’s ways and plans. They simply loved, believed and obeyed Him!

Are you facing a situation today which forces you to question God or doubt His ways and promises? If so, be assured today that the solution is not in evaluating God but in believing God!

God has great victories in store for you. You may have heard it a thousand times and you may be fed up of hearing it again. But the truth of the matter is it’s in trusting God in spite of your situation that you experience His goodness and victory!

May God’s grace strengthen you to walk with Him in child-like faith all through your life.